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No Website, No Social

Somehow it seems both ironic and perfect that our 100th blog (Whoo hoo!!!) doesn’t deal with social media at all, but with probably your most important digital marketing tool: your website.

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How to Improve Your SEO

SEO Search Engine Optimization Website

I recently came across the following question on an online discussion forum, and it’s one I’ve heard many times. How can I improve my SEO by myself? Tricky question, but you can. (I haven’t included the asker’s name or business in the interest of privacy.) Q: “Does Anyone Have Any Cost-Effective Strategies That Would Help…

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12 Days of Digital Marketing Day 9

Who’s ready for more Christmas? Yeah. Neither are we. We’ve only just gotten around to accepting the inevitable approach of Valentine’s Day. But those 12 Days of Christmas blogs are waiting to be finished up. Luckily, they were only tangentially connected to the song in the first place. Our original idea, to profile 12 ways…

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12 Days of Digital Media, Part I

The Twelve Days of Digital Marketing: Day One.  More frustration has erupted in the wake of Facebook’s latest reveal that it will cut business Pages’ organic reach even further in the interest of encouraging brands to pay for News Feed space. I continue to be perplexed that any business thinks advertising should be free, and…

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Privacy is a Myth

I. Last week, Apple generously uploaded the new U2 album Songs of Innocence for free to all its iTunes user accounts. Isn’t that nice? Not everyone thought so. They claimed it was presumptuous and invasive for iTunes to access their user accounts and upload music they didn’t want without their permission. Maybe it was. Nonetheless,…

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Five Things You May Not Know

Five Things You May Not Know about Social Media 1.Posts made by brands on Facebook that are 40 characters in length or less are said to receive significantly more – as much as 86% more, according to this Social Media Today article – “likes” and comments. 2. Digital marketing requires a wide array of skills,…

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