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Wendy’s Social Media Snark

Should You Mimic Wendy’s Social Media Snark? Wendy’s fast-food chain has been the darling of the Twitter world this week. After a particularly salty reply (see what I did there?) to a troller, citizens of the Twittersphere have been begging Wendy’s to roast them, write their bios, throw memes at them, and respond to random…

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The Power of Personality in Social Media Marketing

The Power of Personality in Social Media Marketing Every business and organization has an individual personality. This doesn’t mean a specific person’s nature, but the common voice and tone of your business as a whole. When you craft your brand, you also create the tone of how your business will present itself. This personality should…

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5 2017 Social Media Marketing Resolutions

5 Social Media Marketing Resolutions for 2017 Bucking the already tired trend, I’m going to skip the usual 2017 Social Media Marketing Predictions article and focus a little more closely on this week: 5 Social Media Marketing Resolutions to Make for 2017. Just like cutting down on sugar and working out more often, these are…

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Help, My Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working

Social media marketing sounds easy, but it’s not. Everyone knows it’s necessary, which is why everyone from international corporations to the corner barber shop has social media accounts. But not everyone is sure WHY it’s necessary. What exactly is a Facebook page supposed to be doing for your business? What good will come of keeping…

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Facebook Ratings

Ratings and Reviews on Facebook Many businesses have questions about the Ratings feature on Facebook. The two biggies are 1. How do I get Ratings on my Page (or How do I turn them off?) and 2. How do I respond to Ratings (and can I delete a bad review?)

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Who Handles Your Social Media Crisis

The Dreaded Social Media Crisis This piece was originally posted on, but I think it’s important enough to merit reposting here.  It doesn’t take much to start a social media firestorm: one of your employees says something out of line to a customer, and that customer posts it to Facebook or Twitter, or both.…

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Why Canned Social Media Posts Don’t Work

Why Canned Social Media Posts Don’t Work As a company or organization, you have many choices for seeking help with your social media marketing. A quick Google search will reveal many online companies who will provide you with an ongoing stream of posts for your social media outlets. Need Facebook posts or Tweets? They will…

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Ten Post Ideas

Ten Post Ideas to Punch Up Your Social Media Marketing We thought it would be nice to follow up our recent column, Ten Reasons Your Social Media Marketing Isn’t Working, with some ways to improve your Social Media Marketing. Need some post ideas? Here you go.

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