Content Marketing for Non-Marketers

Content Marketing for Business

Content Marketing for Non-Marketers I’ve spoken extensively about role of social media marketing in a strong marketing plan, but I haven’t covered content marketing quite as heavily. That’s a gap that I’m hoping to address today, because content marketing is a very powerful digital marketing tool – one you should definitely have in your toolbox.…

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The Art of Social Video

Art of Social Video

The Art of Social Video Recently, Facebook updated to automatically play audio for videos, even if you don’t click on them. This means, when you’re scrolling through your feed, you get snippets of sound from video you have no interest in watching. It’s annoying and noisy and distracting to others in the room. No more…

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Do I Need Video on Social Media?

Hello from D. Cohn Communications! We’d like to share with you a column first published on Do I Need Video on Social Media? Video posts are on everyone’s mind and the hottest new content option, but you shouldn’t jump in just for the sake of having video. Be intentional about it. Enjoy! Q: I’ve…

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Consider Video

Video is hot. All the major social media platforms support it now, with either their own video functions or compatibility with other applications. I’m not just talking about YouTube, although that platform remains the most powerful video posting platform. There are loads of other options for creating and posting compelling video now, and they aren’t…

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