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Promote Your Holiday Events with Facebook Marketing

Recently I found myself in charge of promoting a large, local, annual winter festival. The budget I was given for promotion was nearly $700, based in large part on previous years’ print advertising spending. Obviously, I knew better. The festival director trusted me when I said we’d use only a fraction of that by advertising…

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Who Handles Your Social Media Crisis

The Dreaded Social Media Crisis This piece was originally posted on, but I think it’s important enough to merit reposting here.  It doesn’t take much to start a social media firestorm: one of your employees says something out of line to a customer, and that customer posts it to Facebook or Twitter, or both.…

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The Myth of Viral Marketing

I once had a potential client tell me outright that she wanted to make a video for a social organization she was founding, and that through Facebook, she could make the video go viral. “I have about 500 friends, and they’ll all like it, and it will go viral.” Sadly, that’s not really how it…

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