The Summer of Social

The Summer of Social With the official beginning of summer for many local school children, most people’s minds are focused on fun in the sun, vacations, and relaxation. For social media managers, however, there’s always work to be done. Yes, you may find us enjoying an outdoor cafe or a day at the beach, but we’ll…

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What Is A Social Media Manager?

D. Cohn Communications Social Media Marketing

What is a Social Media Manager? Many people are curious about just what we at D. Cohn Communications do. They’ve heard of social media marketing. They know about the importance of marketing in general. They’re just not clear on what social media marketing is or how someone might manage it from outside the company. What…

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Handling Online Complaints

One of the biggest advantages of social media marketing is the ability to conduct a conversation with your audience. You can reach out to your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days year, and they can do the same. That being said, your company is now also open to receiving complaints at all hours of…

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Social Media Marketing

Benefits and Drawbacks of Social Media Marketing

You no doubt know by now that social media marketing is an essential part of any marketing plan. Businesses and organizations both large and small need to include social media marketing when they’re plotting how to best inform the public about their products and services and attract new clients. While social media is a potent…

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Too Many Cooks: Multiple Social Media Managers

Too Many Cooks: When You Have Multiple Social Media Managers In a number of workplaces, the job of updating social media accounts falls to multiple people. The thought is that the more people who have access to the accounts, the more regularly they’ll be updated and the job won’t be solely delegated to one person.

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What Social Media Managers Really Do

There’s an Internet meme for social media managers that goes something like this. Six images are subtitled with something along the lines of “What My Friends Think I Do” (play Farmville all day), “What My Mom Thinks I Do,” (a man sitting in front of a bank of huge, state of the art computer screens),…

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