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Why Canned Social Media Posts Don’t Work

Why Canned Social Media Posts Don’t Work As a company or organization, you have many choices for seeking help with your social media marketing. A quick Google search will reveal many online companies who will provide you with an ongoing stream of posts for your social media outlets. Need Facebook posts or Tweets? They will…

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Privacy is a Myth

I. Last week, Apple generously uploaded the new U2 album Songs of Innocence for free to all its iTunes user accounts. Isn’t that nice? Not everyone thought so. They claimed it was presumptuous and invasive for iTunes to access their user accounts and upload music they didn’t want without their permission. Maybe it was. Nonetheless,…

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Managing Social Media Chaos

The following piece was originally published in our “What’s Up In Social Media with D.” column at A Little Bit of Chaos Q: I recently took a position where I was put in charge of managing my company’s social media accounts. But each department is responsible for making its own posts, and everyone posts…

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