Knock knock.

Who’s there?

Your Business.

Your Business who?

Your Business who lost yet another lead because its website still doesn’t work properly on mobile devices.

Mr Bean

Even Mr. Bean Knows

You may delay but time will not.      — Ben Franklin

People are using mobile devices for all sorts of crazy – and ingenious – things these days. Take Apple’s anticipated “smart home” concept, which is anticipated to be unveiled in early June, as an example. Simply by using their iPhones, people will be able to control a variety of elements within their living environment, such as lighting, appliances, security systems and more.

Consider this “smart bike” and the device provided by an insurance company referenced in this article that allows drivers to only pay for how much they actually drive. Consider what experts from the Pew Research Center are saying about their belief that “the Internet of Things — the concept that all devices, objects and systems could be web connected and share information in the future — will have a widespread effect on the way we live our everyday lives by 2025.”

Now, consider how you use your mobile devices – i.e. smartphones and tablets – right now, even before the Internet of Things invades your home and infiltrates your workplace. Do you search for information using search engines when you’re out and about? What about on these devices when you’re at home or at work? What do you find and how do you react to what you find when you conduct these searches? I’d be willing to bet that you find websites that are crafted – or “optimized,” in the lingo we digital marketing nerds use – to provide you with a simple, pleasant user experience while browsing their site on your device…and that you find websites that are, well, not so much.

Finally, consider this. Within which category does your  website fall?

Carve the peg by looking at the hole.    — Korean Proverb

Some fun facts:

  • There are currently 6.8 billion mobile phones being used by the world’s population of just over 7 billion people. According to this study, 73% of people owning a smartphone also own tablets. This means that it is safe to assume that there are currently more mobile devices in use than there are human beings on this planet to use them
  • 85% of mobile users claim that their devices are a “central part” of their everyday lives
  • 91% of consumers care the most about being able to access important content using any device that they want
  • 83% of consumers expect a “seamless experience” across all of their devices when searching for and browsing material online
  • 62% of survey respondents said that they search for information online via their mobile devices because it is the most convenient way to do so and 53% said that they do so because it is the quickest means of conducting their searches
  • Almost 50% of the world’s online population use their mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the internet
  • 73% of mobile searches result in additional actions being taken, such as conducting additional research, visiting the retailer’s website, sharing information with other people, visiting a store, making a purchase or calling a business

Are you convinced that the matter of mobile optimization is important enough to invest your time or other resources into yet?

Yes? Great! We understand that you are grieving the loss of the days where it was good enough to simply be online, and commend you for taking this critical step towards your business’ web recovery by surpassing the stage of denial. We are proud of you!

So what’s next?

Ask and ye shall receive.

Recently our CEO/Founder and digital marketing quarterback, Darlene McCarty Cohn, wrote about this very thing in her regular column for “No matter how simple, your website must be visible to all searchers, so you want a search engine optimized (SEO), responsive website,” she writes. “Responsive” means your website will look good on screens of all sizes – from desktops to smartphones…Google penalizes websites that don’t work on smartphones by pushing them further down the search result list…You may not have a huge marketing budget, but almost all businesses need at least an appealing, informative, responsive website.”

She continues by saying, “…While I wouldn’t scrap all of your print advertising, I would most definitely pair it with a website and a social media marketing plan. Give your customers a little encouragement to keep up with your business online, and you will see the benefits.”

As you’ll see when you check out Darlene’s column for more awesome tidbits of insight and advice on this subject, she recommends that you call around for quotes and make room in your marketing budget, however big or small, for fixing your website.

Feel free to get started by contacting us and finding out if we’re the right people for the job. We’d be happy to help you or point you in the right direction! You can reach us at [email protected] or (219) 309-9726. See you in cyberspace!