Why Canned Social Media Posts Don’t Work

Not so great for stopping Road Runners; not so great for social media either.

Not so great for stopping Road Runners; not so great for social media either.

As a company or organization, you have many choices for seeking help with your social media marketing. A quick Google search will reveal many online companies who will provide you with an ongoing stream of posts for your social media outlets. Need Facebook posts or Tweets? They will send them to you, specialized for your trade.

Here’s the thing, though: That kind of “canned” content doesn’t actually work on social media. If you look back at my last blog, detailing ten kinds of posts you can create for your social media marketing, not one of them was “fill your pages with generic content about your industry.” That’s because no one following you on social media has much interest in those kinds of posts. As I’ve said dozens of times before, social media is SOCIAL, which means for your accounts to successfully reach your readers, you have to be aware of who your fans are. They don’t care about your industry. They want to know you. They want to know who you are and why they should trust you. They can find generic articles about your trade all over the internet, but where else can they find out about you? Only through social media.

You’ll see that my recommendations in that last blog rely very heavily on visual posts. An online company can’t go behind the scenes on location and snap pictures of you at work. An online company can’t photograph your finished projects. An online company can’t get to know the real culture behind your business or organization. Only you can provide those insights, or if you want outside help maintaining your accounts, a company like D. Cohn Communications. We provide all kinds of content for your social accounts, but the one thing we don’t provide is generic content. It just doesn’t work.

D. Cohn Communications comes right to your door. We get to know you and your organization. We stay in constant contact to post about the projects and events that are right now, specific and important to you and your business. Sure, we can provide links to those generic articles too, but social media works much, much better when it’s about the real you. We take pictures. We take videos. We just want to help you make the most of your marketing dollars. Why pay an overseas company when you can spend less money and have that social media marketing help come right to your office or job site? That’s where the social in social media comes from. Everything else is just filler.