The Power of Personality in Social Media Marketing

Every business and organization has an individual personality. This doesn’t mean a specific person’s nature, but the common voice and tone of your business as a whole. When you craft your brand, you also create the tone of how your business will present itself. This personality should be communicated in all your marketing – from your logo to your brochures to your social media posts. Are you a no-nonsense business, do you have a sense of playfulness, are you artistic, hip, down-to-earth, sophisticated, authoritative, community-focused, progressive, professional? Of course you may be many of these things in your own unique combination. If you don’t feel your business has its own vibe, tone, or voice, that’s an area you’ll want to address. It’s a crucial part of your branding and helps set you apart from the competition.

This personality can help you immensely in crafting a social media marketing plan. Many businesses fall into the trap of just posting what amounts to advertisements – the kind of thing you’d see in the yellow pages. These look like photos of your products with requests for customers to call you to find out more. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’ll want to mix it up with more. Social media is primarily social, and you need to convey what’s socially interesting about your company to engage people.

You don’t need to have a “sexy” product to make the most of this power of personality. In fact, the drier your product, the more you’ll need to rely on your business’ personality. Our first client was a plumber. There’s nothing appealing about photos of sewers or plumbing. Sure, we posted pictures of the guys working, but we tapped into something more interesting to engage a social audience — the plumbers themselves. The owner has a very dynamic personality, is himself an interesting person, and we made the most of that. Yes, this company has a stellar reputation and does great work. We showcased that. But we also showed the personal side of the business – the men who make the business personable, reliable, professional, and even a little bit funny. What was most appealing to social media followers was communicated through the tone of the business, depicted in photos, videos, and quotes.

If your social media marketing seems stalled or unproductive, remember your greatest asset may be the personality of your business – the tone you set for people to understand who you are and what you stand for.

D. Cohn Communications prides itself on being able to work with the unique personality of each business. Whether you’re a plumber or a school district, we can find the right tone for you and make posts optimized to draw your audience in and teach them who you are and what you stand for. Let us help you reach the most customers on social media.