Ratings and Reviews on Facebook

Many businesses have questions about the Ratings feature on Facebook. The two biggies are 1. How do I get Ratings on my Page (or How do I turn them off?) and 2. How do I respond to Ratings (and can I delete a bad review?)facebook-rating-system

Let’s tackle those in turn. First, Ratings are visible on your Page only if you’re categorized as a Local Business. That usually applies to a business with a physical location that folks can visit. To check how you’re categorized, click on “About,” and “Category” is the first option listed. If you’re listed as a Company & Organization, Ratings won’t be available. You can edit that if you like. To change your category, hover to the right and click “Edit”.

Next, you have to enter your physical address. Once you do, a map will appear. Below the map are the options to display the map and to display the Ratings. Click the boxes for what you want visible to your Page visitors. If you don’t want Ratings, uncheck the box.

Once you’ve activated Ratings, the box with the stars will be in the left column of your page. Visitors can click on the number of stars they like, and choose to leave a comment. An average rating will show up once you’ve been rated. Obviously, the more Ratings you have, the more your score will reflect a true picture of how your customers value your service. In the beginning, if you have one 5-star rating and one 1-star rating, your average is going to look pretty low. So encourage customers to leave ratings and comments.

That brings us to question two: how do I respond? On a computer, you can click on the box to view all of your ratings. In the Pages app, click on the three dots on the top right. Page down through the options, and one will be Ratings. Click on that, and all of your ratings will appear.

I highly recommend responding to your ratings, especially when someone takes the time to leave a comment. Consider this a customer service opportunity. If it’s a positive comment, thank the visitor for leaving the comment and express your gratitude at their satisfaction. If it’s a negative comment, invite them to contact you to resolve the issue. In either case, other visitors who stop by your page will see that you take the ratings seriously and want to deliver the best service.

As to the last question – no. You can’t delete a bad review. But if you suspect one of being spam or just plain vengeful (as in, your competition gave you a bad review even though they’ve never visited your business), you can flag it, and Facebook will review it. If they deem it inappropriate, they will remove it.

Hope that’s helpful, and as always, if you have questions about social media platforms, pass them our way.