You want truly exceptional integrated marketing.

We offer full branding packages, crafted to meet your unique goals.

We offer full branding packages, crafted to meet your unique goals.

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for news, tips, and more!

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What is Truly Exceptional Integrated Marketing?

it's consistent

Working for you all day, all night, every day.

it's dynamic & progressive

Encompassing all of your branding to deliver your story wherever you want it to go.

it's a conversation

Finding your customers wherever they are and giving them a high-five. It invites them to stop by for coffee. It makes friends.

It includes logo and graphic design, responsive websites, effective SEO, social media marketing, photography, video, email, and blogs.

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D. Cohn Communications is professionalism, creativity and collaboration at its finest.  Their consultants respond quickly to my questions and they always have creative suggestions for positioning the Purdue Northwest Sinai Forum Speakers Series prominently in social media.  I would recommend them to anyone looking to make their business, service or product stronger through social media.

Leslie Plesac, Executive Director, Purdue Northwest Sinai Forum
Social Media Marketing

Now Hiring: Social Media Manager

Job Opening Social Media Manager Part Time Valparaiso, IN D. Cohn Communications is seeking an individual to help manage social media accounts for our clients. Most of our clients are ...
7 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe on Social Media

7 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe on Social Media

Social media security is a problem. With 68% of American adults on Facebook and 35% of American adults on Instagram, (not to mention YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and more) ...

No Website, No Social

Somehow it seems both ironic and perfect that our 100th blog (Whoo hoo!!!) doesn't deal with social media at all, but with probably your most important digital marketing tool: your ...
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2018 Content Marketing Resolutions

Our 2018 Content Marketing Resolutions

Last year, I purposely ducked the annual “Social Media Predictions” article, because frankly, they all say more or less the same thing. (Video. AI. Storytelling. Micro-Influencers. Customization. Blah blah blah.) ...
Once Upon A Time: Communicate Your Story With Digital Marketing

Communicate Your Story With Digital Marketing

A story, by definition, has a beginning, middle, and end. It has characters – protagonists, antagonists, and supporting characters. It has a setting or multiple settings. A story has drama, ...