Looking for a Little Bookkeeping Backup

Dollar SignD. Cohn Communications is growing growing growing, and we’re looking for an independent contractor to help us with our financial documentation and budget tracking. This position is very flexible, and would be ideal for someone with business financial management experience who could use a little extra cash. The full job description is below. If interested, email a brief cover letter, your resume, and two references to darlene@dcohn.com. Thanks!

Job Opening: Independent Part-Time Bookkeeper

Job Location: Home

Contact: Darlene McCarty Cohn
(219) 309-9726

This Independent Bookkeeper will work for D. Cohn Communications on a contract basis. He or she will report to Darlene McCarty Cohn, and will perform a variety of tasks in support of D. Cohn Communications’ financial operations. The position requires approximately 5 flexible hours a week, performed at your own location. Regular phone and email communication will be a must, and a monthly meeting with Darlene McCarty Cohn will be compensated.

Responsibilities Include:
• Invoicing and budget tracking
• Updating files and the accountant’s financial database
• Quarterly reports prepared for accountant
• Regular phone and email communication with Darlene McCarty Cohn
• A monthly meeting with Darlene McCarty Cohn

• Prompt, organized, detail-oriented, and efficient
• Previous experience with business finance management
• Previous experience using financial tracking software
• Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel
• Knowledge of standard email systems and functions
• Ability to meticulously create, proofread, and edit documents
• Proven ability to work effectively with minimal supervision
• Proven ability to maintain confidentiality

Additional Information:
Hourly pay commensurate with experience. This position is for an independent contractor. D. Cohn Communications will not assume any tax liability on behalf of the contractor, nor offer any additional benefits. Applicants should email a cover letter, resume, and two references to darlene@dcohn.com. Review of applications will begin immediately and continue through January 31, 2014. D. Cohn Communications is an Equal Opportunity employer.