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The Role of Followers in Social Media Marketing

The Role of the Follower in Creating a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

You have social media accounts for your business or organization that need to be updated. Your company signed up for these accounts believing that “everyone else is doing it” and “it’s free, so we should be taking advantage of it.” But perhaps your company never stopped to think about how a social media marketing campaign would fit in with your traditional marketing strategy. Perhaps it never crafted a strategy for your social marketing at all.

Now you’re posting to your social media accounts but getting little response. Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter don’t make it any easier. If you don’t get an initial response from fans, your post will essentially disappear and not show up in anyone’s news feed. To make matters worse, the longer that goes on, the less likely your future posts are to show up in news feeds. It’s a cycle that some organizations get caught in and they’re not sure how to get out of. How does one create posts that your followers will respond to and how do you get followers in the first place?

Unlike traditional print marketing, the goal of which is to get your central message to as many eyes as possible and hope it sticks, the goal of social marketing is to get your material in front of your fans as regularly as possible. You don’t want your followers to just see your posts, you want them to react. You want to spark a conversation. It’s true that paying to promote posts helps this happen. But unless you’re creating social content that your fans actually want to see, all the paid promotion in the world isn’t going to keep them coming back.

The key is to create social posts that your followers actually want to see. Easier said than done. It requires thought. It requires strategy. It may even require you to create a schedule of what to post and when to post it.

Start by thinking long and hard about who you’re trying to reach on social media. Who are your customers and who are your desired customers? What do they want to see? This is absolutely crucial to a successful social media campaign. It’s not enough to just post whatever you want on a regular basis. You have to give serious consideration to who follows you, who you want to follow you in the future, and what those people want to see on social media. This may be very different from what you would instinctively post.

Social media is about conversations, so think through what people say when they talk about your organization in person. What are their questions? What are their comments? What feedback do they give you? What knowledge are they seeking? Use these live conversations as a jumping off point for creating digital conversations. What questions can you answer? What can you encourage your followers to celebrate with you? What stands out about your business or organization? What makes you uniquely you? How can you make your customers feel in-the-know just by following you? What will they want to share with their friends?

Thinking about your clientele’s needs and wants will help point you to what you should be posting. Crowing about your business or organization will make no impact if nobody cares. If you think about what your customers care about, and start creating posts that will resonate with them, you’ll see your interactions grow, your followers grow, and your posts will actually help market your company.

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