No One “Likes” Me: Connect with Your Audience

Y U No Meme

Give your readers a reason to like you.

When you create a Facebook page for your business, remember the most important part of social marketing—the “social” part. A Facebook page is not just an online flyer for upcoming events at your place of business; it is a way for you to connect with potential clients. These are three important ways to connect with your audience through your Facebook page: include posts that interact with your audience, respond quickly to any questions or comments, and support other businesses through posts and shares.

Interactive Posts- If your business’ page isn’t being commented on, then chances are that your clients aren’t spending a lot of time on there. One way to connect with your audience through posts is to pose a question. An example could be a restaurant that uses their Facebook page to ask clients what their favorite menu item is or even to hold a contest for a client to create a new dish.

Respond Quickly to Questions and Comments- If clients are asking a question about your business, you want to make sure that you respond as soon as possible. This shows your clients that they are important to you. You should also respond to any comments left on your page. Even something as simple as a thank you to a compliment on your services can make clients feel cared for.

Support Other Businesses– By sharing posts from other businesses nearby or in the same industry, you can reach more clients and show that you are a part of the community. Helping advertise your competition may seem counterproductive, but this act of goodwill can help you build a bigger audience. If you work together with other businesses in the community, your audience can feel more connected with your business.

At D. Cohn Communications, we make sure that our clients’ pages include all of these elements and more. Feel free to contact us for help with your business page. 219.309.9726 or [email protected].

–Amanda Kelly