If I could stress the importance of one aspect of social media marketing, it’s consistency. If you set up social media accounts for your business, you really must keep them up to date. I’ve used the metaphor of empty shop windows before, and it still works. If you’re running a shop and someone comes to the door to find nothing in the windows and the door locked, they’re probably going to assume you’re closed and not return. Of course, if you were running a shop, you would never do such a thing. Empty social media accounts make a similar impression.

consistency-is-keyBecause so many people use social media to research a business or organization before they make a purchase or get involved, it’s illogical to have an account that hasn’t been updated in three months. It sends the message that you have nothing to say and no one who cares enough to update the account. The last thing you want is for people to get the idea that you don’t care about the image of your company.

Because social media is used to directly communicate with people interested in your organization, empty accounts say that you don’t care to communicate. Again, it’s unlikely you want to send that message.puzzlepiece

Finally, social media tells the public about what you do and why you do it. They communicate your company culture. If visitors can’t tell if your company is a good fit for their needs, they’re going to take their business elsewhere, and no, they’re not always going to go looking for your website. They’re going to move on. It’s like a puzzle missing a piece. Your customers aren’t going to finish a puzzle missing piece.

I know it’s far more likely that you simply lack the time to worry about social media, but someone visiting your account is not going to get that impression. They’re going to feel disappointed. The image your empty account portrays is one of apathy, and that’s the last thing you want.

Yes, I’ve stressed many times the importance of good content for your social media accounts, and that’s still true. A truly well-used social media account will carefully and intentionally plan out what kind of posts to make to its accounts. Yes, it is completely possible to make faux pas when updating your accounts. Still, it’s better to have any kind of content on your account than nothing at all. If you’re not able to keep your accounts up to date, it’s better to close them altogether than to keep them empty or updated only every couple of months.